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The HARP program differs from standard mortgage loans in many ways. Most obvious is the lack of need for equity. Conventional loans require a certain amount of equity to be present in the home in order for banks to lend.  Without that equity present, there is just too much risk for a lender to want to extend a loan…even if the borrowers credit and income are spotless.  But with the decline in the real estate market, an ever increasing amount of homeowners are finding themselves in a position of reduced home value and negative equity.  What can they do?

The HARP Program and HARP 2.0 Refinance Loans are specifically designed for homeowners who are credit worthy but cannot qualify for a loan due to a reduction in property value.  

HARP programThe HARP program’s loan products have been revised and revamped since its inception in 2009.  The goal is to reach more and more homeowners in need by reducing the requirements needed to qualify.  On Oct. 24, 2011, President Obama announced an overhaul to the HARP program determined to reaching more underwater homeowners. The new program is referred referred to as HARP 2.0 and now allows for lenders to approve loans above 125%LTV.  This means that no matter how far underwater your mortgage may seem, there is hope…

How the HARP Program can Help you

  • Take Advantage of historically low interest rates
  • Lock in rate and payment for the life of your loan
  • HARP is available to homeowners with 2nd mortgages
  • Mortgage Insurance may not be required
  • All occupancy types are eligible
  • All Property types are eligible
  • No Pre-Payment penalties.


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Appraisal Fee NONE
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Pre-Payment Penalty NONE
All Occupancy & Property Types OK
Above 125% Home Value OK

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